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When we decided to sell our home in Sandy Springs and move Intown, we looked for a buyer’s agent that was knowledgeable about Intown condominiums.  We did extensive research and asked for recommendations from friends. One agent stood out from among the rest, Kevin Grieco.  

We began working with Kevin and were immediately impressed by his extraordinary knowledge of the Intown condominium market.  Even though the market was in flux and very uncertain, Kevin knew everything about the buildings and purchasers, the financing of the buildings, the people involved in the sales departments, and, most importantly, how to get the most for our money in such an uncertain market.

After determining that we would not fit in a condominium without breaking through walls and putting units together, we decided we wanted to look at Intown houses.    Kevin did not skip a beat.  He helped us narrow down what we really wanted and then found everything on the market (and some that were soon to be on the market) that fit our description.   Any question we had about any property, Kevin promptly found the answer, including questions that involved getting bids from providers.  When we found the house of our dreams, Kevin was extremely strategic in how to get it at the lowest price for us.

Kevin really distinguished himself from other agents in Atlanta in his customer service, in his incredible knowledge of the overall Intown Market, as well as in his strategic thinking.  If we ever move again, we will confidently and happily work with Kevin.   

- Larry & Audrey P.

Working with Kevin was a rewarding and enjoyable experience for my wife and me.  He provided invaluable support to us by bringing a fresh, unbiased perspective on the value of properties amidst a crisis in the real estate market, when it was very hard to get accurate and reliable information.  Kevin also focused on creating a trustworthy, friendly relationship, that led us to work in a collaborative and transparent mindset with him.  We will certainly seek Kevin's help for our future real estate needs in the Atlanta area.

- Renato S.

Kevin was an invaluable help to us in selling our condo. When we were selecting a realtor, we wanted someone who was knowledgeable, a strong negotiator, an excellent communicator, and willing to level with us about the realities of a difficult market. Kevin met this criteria and much more.

- Andrew H.

With Kevin's help, we found our new home in a great area for a fantastic price. Without Kevin's help, we would have overpaid for an inferior home that we first thought was "perfect." Kevin was always accessible by phone, email, or text. We wondered at time whether he slept at all. He even found a way for us to digitally sign paperwork to sell our Condo on our smartphone while we were in a corn maze in the middle of nowhere.

We cannot speak highly enough about Kevin as our realtor during  the buying process. In Kevin, we not only have a realtor for life, but a good friend.

- Julie H.

I worked with Kevin to sell my last home shortly after the real estate market began to soften.  He was a straight-shooter and handled my seller expectactions with sensativity and honesty.  As I look back, I realize how lucky I was to be represented by a real estate agent that had such a high degree of integretity and who put the client's interest first.
I had such a good experience, I then worked with Kevin to buy my new place.  He was a delight to work with and really understood the developer's issues and what would make the deal work.  In the end, I felt like I had beat up the seller pretty badly and was very pleased with Kevin's creative thinking and client advocacy. He found a common ground to make everything work perfectly and I was able to purchase my new home.

- Michael D.

We were empty nesters living in a house too large for two people, there’s lots of "us" around. We decided it was time to sell our home, knowing it would be difficult with the amount of inventory in our neighborhood and a weak market. We called Kevin, whom we know as a hard working professional with incredible attention to detail. Our thinking was, “If anyone can sell this house, it’s Kevin Grieco”.  

Kevin researched the comps and we arrived at a listing price and a target price. The target price represented a 17% gain over our purchase price. The decision on pricing was ours, but Kevin provided valuable counsel, using several references on recent sales and days on the market as a guide. Kevin then went to work on helping us stage the home for sale.

Although we have sold many homes in the past, this was a different level and in a much more competitive environment than ever before. Kevin’s photographer took some incredible photos for the web site presentation. The presentation included a virtual tour and beautifully crafted descriptions. It was so attractive; we almost changed our minds about selling.

The house was officially listed on November 1st. Due to the quality of Kevin’s preparations, we were confident that we had a good product with a strong marketing effort to support it. We experienced several hundred hits over a short period of time on the web site and more importantly several repeats. We didn’t just depend on the e-listing, Kevin hosted his realtor colleagues at a luncheon to view our home and he also hosted an open house. All of this was done in the first 30 days. We had several agents visit the house with clients.

On December 18th Kevin called; “We have an offer!” He had been working with another realtor who had a client interested in our home. The first offer was unacceptable, but the second offer brought us within 1% of our target price. We accepted. Can we close by Jan 31st? – Sure, No problem!

Prior to closing, we were required to make a few repairs - which required professional craftsmanship.  Kevin to the rescue! He contacted the original builder of our house, laid out what needed to be done and supervised the work, ensuring that it would meet all requirements.

On  January 31, 2008, we closed successfully. (By the way, when we sold our home in January there were 8 other homes for sale, out of 43 in the neighborhood. They are all still on the market. Coincidentally Kevin is not their listing agent!)

Kevin sold our house so quickly that we had no time to find our next home and with a buyer’s market in place, we wanted to take our time. But we needed a place to live while we were searching. Kevin to the rescue again! Through his extensive contacts in the upscale condominium market, Kevin was able to find short term leases on condos in Buckhead. He took the time to give us a tour of the available units and helped with several questions we were not prepared to ask. We had a wonderful experience in a first class building with all of the bells & whistles.

- Paul M.

It was a true joy to work with Kevin in purchasing my first home. I was overseas during the entire process. From finding a realtor to the closing table, Kevin handled everything for me. I told him what I was looking for, the location I wanted to live in, the atmosphere and my price range. He led me to my dream home. From opening bid to closing on my new home, he was there the entire way and made my first homebuying experience truly a delight. I have heard  many times how people have problems when buying their homes, and I know that if they had Kevin to help them all their problems would disappear.

After being in the desert for 13 months, all I wanted to do was to come home, put my feet up on my couch and just relax. Thanks to Kevin, he made my dream a reality.

I really wish that everyone who buys a home can at least have the opportunity to meet with Kevin to understand why working with him is important. He has the experienceto get you through the entire process. He does not want to sell you a house, but put you in a home.

- Joel Y.

Kevin became our buyer’s agent overnight. We decided to look at alternatives to single family homes, so Kevin gave us a tour of condos and townhouses which fit our criteria for location and price. After deciding that it was a townhouse for us, Kevin helped with narrowing our focus, not only in a specific development, but down to the specific unit. He was there to support us and challenge our assumptions, all with a sincere desire that we’d be happy for a long time in our new home. The townhouse we chose was just right for us, but we wanted to make several changes to the builder’s standard offerings. This included taking out existing cabinets and bathroom fixtures from a new, but finished unit. Needless to say, requests like these make builders crazy. We knew what we wanted and Kevin supported us completely. After several revisions to the contract we agreed on the changes and pricing. Kevin represented our interests in some very difficult negotiations with the builder. He spent most of a Florida vacation on the phone working on the details.  Many times we were not aware of a problem until he’d already solved it. We closed on our new townhouse in early June.

From the time we listed our home for sale to the time we moved into our new home was 7 months. During this time we were in constant communication with Kevin. He ensured that our questions were being answered and our concerns were being addressed during each step of the process.

There is a big difference between a real estate agent that goes through the motions and one that truly cares. Kevin’s passion and caring attitude, his incredible creativity and attention to detail are what make him stand head and shoulders above the rest.

- Donna M.

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